Let's try Fishing!

Your hosts Krsto and Nikola will be delighted to take you on one of their fishing adventures. Our family has two smaller boats ideal for experiencing the local way of catching fish: net fishing, trolling method, longline fishing and kiddle or trap fishing.

Organic Products

Just 5 minutes from Sveti Stefan our family's village house is located. For generations Grloman Family has been engaged in agriculture, producing healthy and organic fruits and vegetables. Tradition of making our own olive oil, wine and fruit brandies is something that is a crucial part of our identity.

Healthy and Delicious Food!

Through the simple act of food preparation and dining you can best see how people are living, how well they take care of themselves and their surrounding. Our family places great importance on making healthy, fresh and tasty food. You host Krsto is a professional chef and the food the makes will definitely make you rethink why again you would like to visit Montenegro :)

Car Transfers and Excursions

Apartments Grloman offer car transfers from/to airport, bus station, rail station or any other location, in modern and comfortable vehicles. We have three cars at your disposal: van: Reno Espace, sports car: BMW 3, city car: Seat Ibiza.