We are Grloman Family

And we are happy to tell you a little about: Who we are!

The true local family from Sveti Stefan!

Grloman Family is a member of Pastrovici tribe, the first Slavic tribe to inhibit this area of Adriatic. We are proud of our tradition and heritage and we would like to share it with guests who choose to visit us.

Our Beautiful Family

Krsto Grloman

The Master Chef

Krsto, the head of our Family seems to always leave a special impression on our guests. Don't get scared by his big appearance, especially when you see 1.93cm tall man, with mustaches and piercing green eyes, once you get to know him you will discover a heart of a great and loving man who always cares for his family and of course for our guests as well. One thing that certainly leaves a unique impression are his cooking skills. He prepares one of the best fish and sea food dishes you can taste in Montenegro ( and yes we aren't very modest here).

Biljana Grloman

The Mother Nature

If I say Krsto is the head of the Family, then Biljana is certainly the foundation. Once you see our home I'm sure you will find the touch of Biljana in every corner of it, starting from wonderful flowers and plants surrounding the house. She breaths life into our home, making it a place where you always can find rest and peace. Taking care of each detail, nothing seems to escape her caring eye. When you visit Apartments Grloman, definitely try her homemade fruit brandies, jams and pastry.

Darinka Grloman

The Granny

Our dear Granny has watched this home grow since the first stone of this house has been established. We often call her our receptionist, since she loves to sit on the first floor terrace, keeping an eye on everything. You will often see her going through different herbs, cleaning the vegetables and yes, she absolutely loves peeling the potatoes and making fries (she really gets upset if someone else does it o_o). Granny is a very cheerful person and she will always great you with a smile.

Bojana Grloman

The Sea Child

Bojana got her name based on the first boat that Krsto and Biljana bought, and it seems that her all life is from that point connected to the see. We call her the mermaid, since she spends more time under the water than above. She joins her dad Krsto whenever he goes fishing, often accompanied by our family dog Jacky. Three of them make and excellent fishing team. We absolutely have to mention that she is the main culprit that our home always smells of delicious sweets and pastries. One tip: Don't miss out trying Bojana's cookies:)

Dada Grloman

The Adventure Boy

When he was a kid our parents bought Nikola a bicycle, first thing he did was drive it on one wheel instead of two. Through his all life Nikola always seems to have chosen the unusual side of doing things. That is something that will definitely leave an impression on you once you get to meet him, since he is able to show you a fun and adventurous side of Montenegro. Nikola knows amazing places for water ski, fishing, deep see diving, adventure sports and he can as well recommend you great places for enjoying a night life in Montenegro.

Nikola Grloman

The Ecologist

If you have any question about the history or you are looking for any other fact about Montenegro, Dada is the right person to ask, and yes, she can tell all of that perfectly in four languages: Russian, English, Italian and Spanish. Her energy and enthusiasm will win you over at first hello because everything she does, she does with passion and commitment. Dada is a licensed tourist guide and in her free time she actively engages in fixing the ecological problems that Montenegro faces. If you visit us we hope she makes that famous cheese cake of hers it tastes better than in restaurants.

Ivana Grloman

Ivana & Mani
The Geeks

You might not see us at Apartments Grloman as often as the other members of family, but we will be always your IT support and two people running the virtual side of our small family business. We are here to keep you updated about all the changes, improvements and news that are happening at our home. This web site is our little creation and playground and please fell free to let us know about any improvements that we can make.


The Sneakiest

Meow, Meow.. well this is all we could get from Snikers. He is one very moody cat, and not at all cuddly. During the summers you will find him either resting on top of Krsto's car or on the terrace wall observing what's going on in the street.


The Giant Slayer

Jacky will be most likely the first one to greet you when you arrive at Apartments Grloman and we have few tips how to handle his overall cheerful nature. First tip: don't forget to greet Jacky. Second tip would be to throw him a toy to fetch, since most likely after greeting he will bring you one.


The Village Pirate

Mrcko is our village cat and you wont necessary meet him unless Krsto takes you to see our village house and gardens located 5 minutes of drive from Sveti Stefan. Mrcko loves people (a complete opposite of Snikers), he loves to follow you around wherever you go and cuddling is something he would never get tired of.